Frequently Asked Questions

What is Service Master?

Answer: Service Master is a software package specifically designed for Companies within the Service Industry to help them manage their business. From logging the first contact with the Customer through to closing the invoice and receipting payment, Service Master will manage each process, giving you control of your business and, ultimately, increasing customer satisfaction. Service Master is a multi-user client/server application, with the ability to handle 100 simultaneous users. The server application is installed on the clients internet server (this can be a standard computer that has internet access), while the client application is installed on every computer in the company that is required to use Service Master. You even have the ability to install Service Master on your computers at home or on a notebook (with internet access). These computers will access the server over the internet.

Does Service Master require special training?

Answer: No. Service Master’s simple and consistent interface coupled with an innovative design provides you with a powerful, yet uncomplicated application that is understandable and easy to use.

If I purchase the standard version, will I be able to change to another license version later?

Answer: Yes. You will be charged the difference between the two licenses.

Can you access information from home/remote sites?

Answer: Service Master, developed with the latest in technology, provides you with powerful features designed to communicate efficiently with a standard dialup connection to the server; providing you with the capability to access your data from home, on the road or anywhere in the world!

What makes Service Master better than standard accounting software?

Answer: Accounting Software is crucial to any business. That is why Service Master has integrated necessary accounting functionality and features to address your accounting needs. The difference is Service Master also includes powerful inventory functions, work orders, job cards, etc to provide comprehensive support and control of each essential process within your business.

Who can I contact to find out more about Service Master?

Answer: We advise you to contact the office closest to your location. For a list of contacts please click here.

How much and how often must I pay for Service Master?

Answer: First, it is important to understand the Service Master license.

One server license is required for each installation of Service Master Server. Each installation of Service Master Server can manage multiple teams and multiple companies.

Each team requires a license. Team licenses are purchased in packs of 5.

There is no license for each users that connects to the server. Therefore you do not need to buy a license for each computer / client.

The purchase of Service Master requires an initial deposit. Thereafter we require a manageable monthly instalment for the first 12 months. The following is included in the contract:

1. Updates and new features that are released every few months.
2. Telephonic support for Service Master.
3. Offsite weekly automated backups.

For detailed pricing information please call or email us. Contact information can be obtained here.

How do I know that Service Master is for my company?

Answer: Our general rule of thumb is as follows:

1. Your company should have/aim to have 3 or more teams/contractors to financially justify the cost of the Software.
2. The team or individual should be a key factor in the value adding process.
3. The service that the teams render is more suited to Service Manager if it is frequent and short. For instance, a maintenance service that takes between 1 and 8 hours to complete would benefit more from Service Master than a construction company with 1 contact that takes several weeks to complete. The reason is that the former would require more frequent activity logging.

How many users can use Service Master?

Answer: There is no known practical limit to the number of concurrent users. Each user will be given a username and password.

That user will only be able to log in to service master from one computer at a time. They are free to move between computers, but for security reasons, they will automatically be logged off the previous computer when they log in to the next one.

There is also no need to purchase a license for each user.