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Change Log

List of changes made to Service Master

Date Released: 2013/02/16
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ServerMultiple company headers are now available for each company.
Waypoints are archived after a default of 100 days to improve performance
Performance enhancement of trips on maps.
The way in which waypoints are saved in the database has changed to improve performance
Feature - ClientA row selector found at the top right of each list determines the quantity of rows that each list will download. Lists load the selected quantity of rows only, thus increasing performance. Scrolling down a list automatically downloads more rows.
Linking to new task now displays the count of links correctly
Change - ServerDefault Fill factor set for all unique and nonunique indexes
Bug Fix - ServerExporting CreditNotes would fail with divide by zero if invoice totaled 0
Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type nvarchar could occur when requesting an Invoice Report or email of.
Bug Fix - ClientIncreased the number of teams a calendar can view.
Progress column (Tasks list view) did not display a value in the list column under certain conditions

Date Released: 2011/12/13
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ServerImprovements to backup size and memory usage and reliability
Improved performance through better indexes.
All components of Service Master are now digitally signed with a secure certificate.
Indexes are automatically defragged on a new maintenance timer
Feature - ClientOverhaul to mapping components in Service Master
Calendar, dashboard and reports can be viewed in a docked windows within the main service master window. By double clicking on the header, the window will undock and be moved to a separate window.
Added new ability to copy opjects. eg: Can now copy quotes by right clicking on an existing quote. Select copy.
Minor improvements to web version.
Ability to copy objects.
New dashboard that shows overview charts
Deleting entire company for express customers
Added 4 additional colours to the flags
Bug Fix - ServerWhen more than one team is linked to a trip, the trip would fail to save.
Bug Fix - ClientAddressed spacing problem on quote printout.
Link to task constrain bug fixed.

Version: BETA
Date Released: 2011/06/22
Change TypeDescription
Change - ServerAdded constraints to FileLink and TaskLinks tables to the ObjectTypeId table

Date Released: 2011/05/30
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ClientMap date selection added to options tab
Service Master remembers and recalls perviously selected radio buttons per section
Bug Fix - ServerEvent Log Searching
Bug Fix - ClientPerformance bug with listviews and reference data
Could not open customer equipment form
Stock Drawn by and Required by were bound to the same data source
The team dropdown on the job card from did not show all active teams
After printing from a form, the menu buttons remained inactive

Date Released: 2011/05/17     Watch Video
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ServerMobile web users may now view all issued jobs.
Feature - ClientExporting to Pastel or Quick Books has been improved. The process of exporting is now threaded, allowing the user to continue working during this process.
New entity called Vehicle has been created. This stores information about the vehicle and teams that the vehicle carries.
Exporting to CSV or XML is now a common feature throughout all list views. The user is able to export all the necessary information per list view as required.
Ability to select a default font and font size for the HTML description fields has been added. This can be adjusted in the company options - in the reports section.
GPS Navigation is now fully featured. You are able to view individual or multiple trips per team, get details about the average speed, maximum speed, distance travelled, start and end points, locations where stopped. Each trip is not automatically linked to a jobcard, quote or lead.
The report wizard had been improved. Improvements include the ability to click back to edit previously selected options, several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Several reports were faulty. These have been fixed.
Create a work order directly from the customers form. Open a customer, select work orders, right click in the list of work orders. Select the address to create a new work order. Similarly with Quotes and Leads.
Users now have the option of using an external email client. Select Employee, program user. A new check box called "Use external default email client" may be toggled to enable this feature.
Change - Client and ServerThe report viewer software is now included in the installer. This increases the size of the file, but removes the requirement to install it separately.
Change - ClientPerformance and memory usage has been improved for Service Master client.
Labour Rates have increased the decimal scale from 2 to 4.
Mapping components have undergone a complete rebuild to improve performance.
Bug Fix - ClientDeleting of objects from the mobile web version failed.
Flag Icon on several list views did not showup.
Deleting files did not function correctly.
After opening a print preview the base form does not return to a workable state.
On the stock transaction form, under certain circumstances, the payment page did not correspond with the correct page when selected.


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