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Service Master Enterprise

Enterprise Version Service Master’s Enterprise Version is a comprehensive service business application that meets the high demands of large organisations within the Service Industry.

Scalability and Usability

Enterprise Version delivers an infrastructure that can grow with your business and has a proven record in managing and monitoring today's complicated processes common with enterprise workloads.

Support and Maintenance

Enterprise Version includes automatic server and client updates, remote desktop and telephonic support, help and user manuals, integrated error reporting, etc with the added feature of Scheduled database backups.

Customer Management

Not only does the Enterprise Version include all the Customer Management features and functionality of both the Express and Standard Versions, it also includes powerful integrated telephone recording functionality and the ability to record, store and import digital picture and audio files.

Work Order Management

Enterprise Version includes all the Work Order Management features and functionality included in both the Express and Standards versions, including the ability to record and import digital pictures of Site Addresses, products, etc associated with the Job Card.


Enterprise Version’s Quotes feature provides the tools necessary for generating complete and accurate quotes. Duplicate, amend, or convert quotes to work orders. Quotes can be printed, emailed (as a PDF) or sent to a customer via texting using Service Master's integrated texting and email function.

Products and Services

Enterprise Version includes all of the features necessary to manage Products and Services successfully. Use the Products and Services module to list default services and prices to use on quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, stock transactions, invoices, and job costs

Each product or service form includes general details, costing for the product or service, record stock take quantities and the ability to view the movement of the product or service.

Accounts Management

Enterprise Version’s features provide a flexible and effective accounts management tool to provide detailed and accurate invoices, control debtors, track and record customer's payments, email invoices, payments and receipts with automatic PDF creation, sort customer payments by date or by customer's account, etc.


Enterprise Version’s use of latest technology allows you to Send data via texting and receive an texting from any text capable communication device including the ability to control user access and monitor the usage of the integrated texting tool.

Integrated e-mail allows you send invoices, work orders, quotes, receipts of payment, etc with automatic PDF creation within Service Master


The Enterprise Version provides you with an in-depth reporting tool, providing you with business intelligence to support better business decision making.