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How to Create an Invoice

This tutorial will provide information on the following topics:
  • Invoices Navigation Pane
  • Create an Invoice for a Customer

The navigation pane is located on the left side of the main program window, horizontally divided into two sections:

  • Section Item Buttons
  • Section Filter

The Section Item buttons are located beneath the Section Filter section. The Section Filter changes according to the Section Item Button selected. So, by selecting the 'Customers' button on the Section Items, you will display the Section Filter for Customers.

Invoices Navigation Pane

The buttons on the Section Filter will display the following Lists in the List View Pane:

To be checked: Lists invoices that have not been checked
Ready to Send: Lists invoices that have been checked and been marked as 'Ready to Send'
On Hold: Lists invoices put on hold
Waiting Payment: Lists invoices that have been sent to a Customer, but have not yet received payment for the invoice
Overdue: Lists invoices not paid by the due by date selected on the invoice
Closed: Lists invoices where full payment has been receipted
Credit Notes: Lists all the credit notes
Cancelled: Lists all the cancelled invoices
All: Lists every invoice in the system

Create an Invoice for a Customer

  1. Click the 'Invoices' button on the Section Item List and right-click in the List View Pane and select 'New Invoice' from the right-click context menu. Alternatively, select 'New' from the Main Screen toolbar and click 'Invoice' from the New menu

    New: Invoice 

  2. The blank Invoice form will be displayed 


  3. On the 'Main' tab:

    • Select a customer from the drop down arrow in the 'Customer' field
    • Verify or select a date for the Invoice using the 'Invoice Date' calendar
    • Select or verify the due date for the invoice in the 'Due Date' field
    • Select the status of the invoice, i.e. Invoice or Pro-Forma Invoice
    • Select the Work Order that needs to be invoiced from the 'Work Order' drop down list
    • The 'Work Description' and 'Amount' fields will be populated with the work description and the billed totals on the Work Order. These fields can be edited.
    • Click the 'Add' button to add the Work Order to the Invoice. You can have multiple Invoices linked to a single invoice
    • Any Comments relating to the Invoice can be entered in the 'Invoice Comments' textbox.
    • Click the 'Save' button.


  4. Use the 'Invoice Terms' tab to add the terms and conditions of the invoice. The default Terms and Conditions can be setup under 'Company Options' on the 'Tools' menu on the Main Screen.

    The delivery history of the Invoice will be stored under the 'Delivery History' tab. After the invoice totals have been checked and the 'Ready to Send' check box (under the Main Tab') has been ticked, you can record the method of delivery by clicking the 'Send By' button on the 'Invoice' forms toolbar and selecting the delivery method.

    View or access credit notes, customer payments and VAT payments under the ‘Credit Notes & Payment & VAT’ tab.

    Flag the invoice or add additional notes under the 'Properties' tab. The 'Properties' tab will also provide you with information concerning who created and last modified the invoice. 


  5. Click the 'Save' button and Close the form. 

    Remember to tick the 'Ready to Send' checkbox and record the method of delivery, as this will move the Invoice from ‘Ready to Send’ to 'Waiting Payment' on the 'Invoices' section filter list.