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How to Create a New Company using the Company Wizard

This tutorial will provide help on the following Topics:

  • Using the Company Wizard to create a New Company

Using the Company Wizard to create a New Company

  1. Open Service Master, by double clicking Service Master's Icon on the desktop
  2. The Service Master Login form will be displayed on your screen

    Login Form 

  3. Use the administrator's username and password and enter the server's URL into the Server field. Click the 'Refresh' button. Clicking the 'Refresh' button will resolve the connection to the server using the server's URL and verify the administrator's username and password. 

    If the Company field is not populated or the error button flashes next to any one of the fields; check to see that the information entered into those fields are correct.

    If you are still unable to connect, phone Service Master Support for further assistance.

  4. Click the drop down arrow in the 'Company' field and select <Create a New Company> from the drop down list. Click the 'OK' button.

    Create A New Company

  5. The Start up Wizard's introduction page provides you with general information regarding the purpose and functionality of the Company Wizard.

    Welcome to the Company Wizard

    Click the 'Next' button to continue through the Wizard. If you need to go back and change information on any of the pages, click the 'Back' button. If you wish to cancel or exit the wizard, you can do so at any time by clicking the 'Cancel' button.

  6. The 'Company Information' page requires you to enter your Company's information into the fields provided. To add a company logo to reports, invoices, quotes, etc.; browse to the location on the directory where your company's logo is stored (saved as a jpeg) and click the 'Add' button.

    Company Information

  7. The 'General' page requires you to select the Start Date and an End Date for the company. The start and end dates selected will determine the financial year-end of the Company.

    Record the Company's Lead Sources on this page. When creating a customer's account in Service Master, you have the option of selecting the lead source on the Customer form; therefore, providing valuable marketing data for your Company. You have the ability to view the amount of customers generated from each lead source in a 'Lead Source Report'.


  8. The 'Customer Rates' page is made up of the following headings:

    • Customer Account Types

      'Business' and 'Private' are the default account types. You have the option of both removing these account types and adding your own, or keeping these account types and if necessary, adding new account types to the list. Specify the Call out Charge and Labour Rate for each account type

    • Billing Labour Rates

      You have the ability to alter the labour rate for different teams, working conditions, jobs, etc. For example, if a team completed a job after normal working hours, the after hours labour rate could be 1.5 times more than the normal billing rate. So if the labour charge for the Job was 300-00 and it took 5 hours to complete, the total labour charge would be: (300 * 5) * 1.5 =R 2 250.

    • Payment Methods

      List the methods of payment accepted by your Company. You will be required to select a payment method when a issuing a receipt of payment is to a Customer.

    Customer Rates

  9. The 'Quote Terms' page requires you to enter the Company's terms and conditions for Quotes issued to customers.  

    Quote Terms 

  10. The 'Work Order Types' page requires you to list the type of work orders carried out by your company. The Work Order Type displayed in the 'Default Work Order Type' field will be the default Work Order Type displayed on all Work Orders.

    Work Order Types

  11. To use Service Master's integrated texting feature, you need to have an account with one of the texting Providers. If your Company does not have an account, create one by clicking the link to the texting provider's web site and following the steps to create an account. You are then required to enter the User name and Password of the texting account into the fields provided.


  12. The 'Mark-ups' page requires the Company to setup the profit percentage mark-up for Products and Services.

    One option is to use a sliding scale to determine the profit markup for Products and Services depending on the cost price value. For example, a Product or Service that costs the company a R1000-00 is set with a profit markup of 80% while a Product or Service that costs the company R100-00 or less is set with a Profit Percentage markup of 200%.

    Another option is to set a default markup all Products and Services


    Select if you need to average the cost price by ticking the 'Average Cost Price' textbox. If you do need the cost price averaged, enter the number of months in the 'Average Cost Price over Months:' textbox.

    Select the number of months a dormant product can be in your system before Service Master declares it as an 'Old Product'.

  13. Default Subjects and Messages to be sent with every Quote or Invoice sent by email in Service Master can be created and recorded on the 'Email Text' page.  

    Invoice and Quote Templates for email

    You can BCC all quotes and invoices sent from Service Master to a specified email address by entering the email address in the 'BCC all invoices and quotes' field.

  14. To display your Bank Account details on Invoices or if you would just like to have your banking information readily available, record your bank account information on the 'Bank Accounts' page.


  15. The Company Information Section in the Wizard is complete. Clicking the 'Next' button will save your information, create your Company in Service Master and display the Employees section of the Company Wizard.

    Wizard Complete

  16. Your Employees information needs to be included in the system by clicking the 'Add Button'.


  17. Clicking the 'Add' button will display the Employee form. Use the Main tab to enter and record Employee's information. Save the information by clicking the 'Save and Refresh' button.


    Create the employee as a Service Master User, Team Member, Current Employees, or all three.

  18. To Create the Employee as a Service Master User, tick the 'Program User' check box on the Main tab. This will add the 'Program User' tab to the Employees form. Click the 'Program User' tab.


    On the Program User tab:

    • Enter a password for the Employee in the Password field
    • Select what order the Section Items need to be displayed
    • Grant permissions to the employee. Clicking the 'Grant full Permissions' button will add all the permission objects to the permission's list. Otherwise, you have the option of selection each permission object manually, and specifying the permission type by selecting 'Read and Write' (View and Edit) or 'Read Only' (View). The employee cannot access permission Objects not listed.

  19. Display the 'Team Member' tab by ticking the 'Team Member' checkbox. On this tab, you will be able to associate a Team with the employee. However, you have not added any teams yet; therefore, the 'Team' drop down list will be empty.

  20. Click the 'Save and Close' button on the employee's form to continue. This will close the Employees form and return you to the Wizard. Click the 'Refresh' button on the form to list Employees.


    Click the 'Add' button on the form to add another employee. If you need to edit or delete an employee's information, click on the employee (highlight in blue) and click the appropriate button.

  21. After adding your employees to the system, you need to add your Teams to the system.


    Click the 'Add' button to add a Team.

  22. Enter the Team's code, name, and number. Select a colour to distinguish the team. It is required that you select and associate a Stock Profile with each Team.


  23. Click the 'Employees' tab on the Team form. You are required to select the Team Members and a Team Leader for each Team created.


    Click the 'Save and Close' button will close the Team form and return you to the Company Wizard.

  24. Click the 'Refresh' button on the Company Wizard to list the newly created Teams.


  25. Clicking the 'Finish' button will save your information and close the Wizard.

  26. You are able to Login to your New Company. Enter your username, password, server's URL and click the 'Refresh' button. If the information entered into the fields is correct, the Company field will list your Company's name. Click the 'OK' button to login.