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Basic Features

Service Master is a software package specifically designed to help manage companies in the Service Industry.

These basic features may not be in all versions of Service Master. Please refer to the features list to determine if the feature you are interested in resides in that version.

General Features

  • Multiple Company Support
  • Designed for expansion to Franchisee Distribution model
  • Export Functionality
  • Import Functionality
  • Familiar Look and Feel; no training on the general interface required
  • 2 way integrated texting functionality
  • Integrated Email
  • Remote Access
  • Pre-select mandatory fields for all forms


  • Basic Customer Relations
  • Multiple Site Addresses
  • Profiling of site address including pictures
  • Full control of red listed and black listed customers
  • Use click-through-technology to access work orders, invoices, job cards, quotes and payments from a customer's account

Work Orders

  • Manage multiple Teams with status boards for Work Orders and Job Cards
  • Assign multiple Job Cards to a Customers Work Order
  • Manage the Invoicing of Work Orders through 4 controls:

    1. Call Out
    2. Labour
    3. Materials
    4. Services

Job Cards

  • Control Teams through Electronic Job Cards.
  • Control Material and Products on every Job Card
  • Control Additional Services on every Job Card
  • Save Pictures of every job
  • Text message Job Cards to employees in the field, and have them text you back directly

Calendar View

  • View the calendar for multiple teams
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Integrated Work Orders, Quotes and Leads on one calendar
  • Re-assign job cards by dragging from one team to another

Products and Services

  • Control your quantity of products in multiple Teams
  • Control your quantity of products in the Product Store Room
  • Know exactly how much to reorder
  • Quantify and Control Shrinkage


  • Integrated invoicing of Work Orders
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Email your invoices with automatic PDF creation


  • Generate quote from your customer's account
  • Select expiry dates for quotes
  • Generate work orders from accepted quotes
  • Email your quotes with automatic PDF creation

Accounts Receivable

  • Control of Debtors
  • Track and record customer's payments
  • Email receipt of payment with automatic PDF creation
  • Sort Customer payments by date or by customer's account

Accounts Payable

  • Track and record expense, VAT and supplier payments
  • Sort stock purchase orders by date
  • Email your payments with automatic PDF creation
  • Bank reconciliation report

Detailed Reports

  • Schedule reports
  • Email reports with automatic PDF creation
  • Over 30 reports to choose from
  • Customer Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Team Reports
  • Stock Reports


  • Track the progress of tasks assigned to employees
  • Text a task to an employee's mobile phone
  • Send tasks to other Service Master users
  • Review and close completed task
  • Update and amend a task
  • Set Reminders on tasks

Searching, Ordering and Filtering

  • Search for information rapidly and effectively
  • Every section has built in search functionality; for example, you can find all work orders from a particular customer by typing any part of the customer’s information into the search box for work orders
  • Order information in ascending or descending order


  • Full control of user access to the integrated text message function
  • Bio-directional Text messaging
  • A complete history of each text and email sent
  • Create Custom text message Templates
  • Read and Delivery receipts for emails sent from Service Master

Integrated Security

  • Full control of what users can and cannot access
  • Employees need to be granted permissions for specific objects before they will be allowed to amend or view those objects